Excavation and survey team

I. Permanent team (38, in chronological order)

Prof. dr. Axel Gering

Project and field directorSAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

Axel is director of the project. He was born in Munich, Germany, which is also where he undertook his academic studies. He currently teaches at the Humboldt University in Berlin (HU), a post he took up around 12 years ago. Since 2007 he is Privat Dozent at the HU. His main interest regards the study of urbanism from the ancient Near East to the Roman West. This initially focused on the early imperial Roman period, but he has now moved on to specialise in the late antique period. His favourite archaeological find was the discovery of the street blockings at Ostia, and more recently the discovery of the previously untouched late antique Forum pavement.


Daniel Damgaard, ph.d. studentIMG_1139

Field archaeologist since 2011, finds manager in 2012, supervisor and research assistant since 2013

Daniel is finds manager on site, supervisor of the Danish sub-team and research assistant (see “Post-Excavation Team”). He was born in Horsens, Denmark, and undertook his academic studies at the University of Aarhus. He finished his Masters degree in January 2014. During his Masters studies he participated in the Humboldt-Ostia-Forumproject (HOF) 2011-2014, where he was an intern in the autumn of 2012. He continues to work for the Ostia-Forum-Project (OFP). His most significant contribution to the project so far is the typology of and work on Ostian marble roof tiles found in the late antique pavement (see Ostian Marble Roof tiles: a typology).


Alex Whitford

OSTIA 2013 Alles (143)Field archaeologist since 2008, technical manager, responsible for equipment and conservation

Alex is the coins manager on site, and equipment supervisor, responsible for all technical installations. He was born in Rosepark, Australia, and currently lives in Berlin. He worked for construction companies in Australia, where he acquired his skills for carpentry and putting up scaffolds and measuring & drawing detailed architectural plans by hand. His favourite archaeological finds are coins, of course, but he still likes to create plans in the good old fashioned way too.


Johannes Trockels Johannes 3

Field archaeologist and trench-master since 2010, trench-master in MFP-apse in 2010-2011, pottery studies and drawing in 2010-2011

Johannes took part in the campaigns 2010, 2011 and 2013 as field archaeologist. In his first two campaigns he was responsible for the excavation of the so-called apse. The apse is situated in the central part of MFP, and was then subject of his Bachelor thesis. Besides this contribution to the excavation, Johannes was and is still in process of researching on the ceramics. He was born in 1987 in Essen and lived for some time in Switzerland and France before he moved to Berlin. He finished his BA in 2012 at the Humboldt-Universität in Berlin, where he is currently also doing his Masters degree.


Lydia Schallenberg

Field archaeologist since 2010, finds manager and photographer in FSE in 2009-2010, finds manager in MFP-apse in 2010-2011, ceramic-drawing in 2013


Lydia joined the excavation in 2009, and is therefore one among few persons who was able to witness the huge progress within the project since then. She was born in Westberlin in 1985, but started her academic studies in Konstanz. She returned to Berlin and finished her Bachelors degree writing about graffiti from Pompeii, which appeared in the trailer of the series “Rome”. She is right now finishing her Masters degree at Humboldt-Universität and wrote about the Grotta Azzurra in Capri.



Lena Kaumanns Lena 1

Field archaeologist in 2009-2013, trench-master in FSE until 2010, trench-master in ADB and CDB in 2011-2013, epigrapher 2009-2013






Philipp SchmidtPhilip 3

Field archaeologist since 2008, trench-master in MFR in 2010-2011, topographer in MFP in 2012, trench-master in MFP in 2012-2013






Michael JoyceMichael 2

Field archaeologist in 2008-2011, trench-master in FSE in 2009, contextualizing in MFP in 2009-2011, post-excavation work (see “Post-Excavation team“)

Michael studied archaeology at the University of Kent, England, doing his undergraduate and masters degree at the university. He was an excavator with the team for four seasons, and later spent six months working with Axel on the post-excavation work of 2009. Following his work in Ostia, Michael has continued excavating with commercial archaeology companies in England. He is currently employed by Cotswold Archaeology in the south west of England as a field archaeologist.



Bonnie KnappBonnie 1

Field archaeologist in 2008-2011







Christopher SpenceSpence 1

Field archaeologist in 2009-2011, topographer in MFP in 2009-2011







Anders OlesenAnders 1

Field archaeologist in 2010-2012 and 2014, finds manager in MFW in 2011, topographer in MFP in 2012, finds manager in MFP in 2012

Anders is from Denmark, is 26 years old, and has been working in Ostia on three different campaigns. First in 2010 as field archaeologist under the British excavation team (BKO), then in 2011 as finds manager under the German excavation team and as of late in 2012, again as finds manager under the German excavation team. Anders is currently finishing his Masters degree in Religious Science at Aarhus University, but has a Bachelor degree in Classical Archaeology (also from Aarhus University). Anders will be continuing to work with the Ostia-Forum-Project in the future, and will be attending the 2014 campaign.



Eva Karina JørgensenEva Karina 1

Field archaeologist in 2010-2014





Katrin JaneczkaKathryn 2

Field archaeologist in 2009-2010, finds manager in MFP in 2010







Antje Hemling Antje 1

Field archaeologist in 2010, work on programming an application for finds in 2012-2013, see section “Post-Excavation team






Lydia KappaLydia kappa 1

Field archaeologist and trench-master in MFR in 2010







Christian KrugC. K. 1

Aerial-photography in 2010







Gunnar Sperveslage Gunnar 1

Field archaeologist in 2009-2010,  topographer in MFP in 2010, finds manager in ADB and CDB in 2010-2011





Julia PohlenzJulia 1

Field archaeologist in 2010







Jördis ViethJördis 1

Field archaeologist in 2010






Felix Hülsebeck Felix 1

Field archaeologist since 2011, trench-master in MFP in 2011-2012, topographer, measuring and drawing in MFP and MFD in 2012-2013





Laura Pecchioli IMG-20161129-WA0005

Field archaeologist since 2015, 3-D recording on site in 2016

Laura Pecchioli is an architect specialized in archaeological restoration with a PhD on a system for management of 3D data in cultural heritage. From January 2017 she works on an habilitation project  in„ Präventiver Erdbebenschutz und historische Reparaturen von Mauerwerk. Drei Fallstudien: Tempio Rotondo, Forumsthermen und Caseggiato della Cisterna (Ostia)“ at Technische Universität Berlin, FG Historische Bauforschung und Baudenkmalpflege (www.hbf-msd.tu-berlin.de ) and in collaboration with OFP – Humboldt Universität, Winckelmann-Institut/Klassische Archäologie with a grant of the Gerda Henkel Stiftung.



Tyrell HuppertTyrell 2

Field archaeologist in 2011








Field archaeologist in 2011







Signe KochSigne 1

Field archaeologist in 2011






Sophie HoracekSophie

Field archaeologist in 2012, topographer, measuring and drawing MFP 2012, 3-D reconstruction 2012 (see “Post-Excavation team“)






Henriette EngelsJette 1

Field archaeologist in 2012, topographer, measuring and drawing in MFP 2012, 3-D reconstruction 2012 (see “Post-Excavation team“)






Kristina JunkerChristina 1

Field archaeologist in 2013, topographer, measuring and drawing in MUN in 2013





Christin RochlitzerChristin 1

Field archaeologist in 2013, photographer in MFD, MUN and MFP in 2013, finds photographer in 2013






Wiebke LepkeWiebke 1

Field archaeologist in 2012-2013, finds manager in MFD and MUN in 2013, pottery studies and drawing in 2013

Wiebke Lepke was born in Berlin and have been studying Classical archaeology at the Humboldt-University since 2010. She will be starting her masters degree studies in October 2014. She has been on two campaigns so far, 2012 and 2013.


Helge MartensHelge 1

Field archaeologist since 2013, topographer in MFD in 2013, measuring and drawing in MUN and MFP in 2013






Evelyn BeckersEvelyn 1

Field archaeologist in 2012-2013






Simone MulattieriSimone 2

Field archaeologist in 2012







Rikke Egelund LindRikke til hjemmeside

Field archaeologist in 2012, logistics in 2013, photographer in 2013, webmaster (see “Post-Excavation team“)

Rikke is born in Horsens, Denmark, and currently undertakes her master’s studies in Digital Design at Aarhus University. She has a bachelor degree in International Communication and Multimedia from Aarhus University (Department in Herning). She was an exchange student at Karlshochschule International University, Karlsruhe in the spring of 2014.




Simon NissenSimon 2

Field archaeologist in 2012, photographer in MFP in 2012







David BennetsenOstia 2012 kap II GRABUNG (188)

Field archaeologist in 2012, trench-master in MFP in 2012

David completed his Bachelor degree in Prehistoric Archaeology at the University of Aarhus in 2013.





Mette PedersenMette 3

Field archaeologist in 2013, ceramic drawing in 2013







Mie Egelund LindMie 2

Field archaeologist in 2013, ceramic drawing in 2013







Line NielsenLine 1

Field archaeologist in 2013, ceramic drawing in 2013

Line was a part of the excavation in 2013. She is born in 1992 in Viborg, Denmark. She started her studies in Classical Archaeology at University of Aarhus in 2011, and will get her Bachelor degree in 2015, and thereafter continue with her master, also in Classical Archaeology.





Sissel RasmussenSissel 1

Field archaeologist in 2013, ceramic drawing in 2013







II. Guest workers (10)

Kristina PfeifferKristina pfeiffer cut

Field archaeologist in 2008, trench-master in FSE 2008






Thorsten OttoOtto cut

Field archaeologist in 2009






Monica OttoMonique cut

Field archaeologist in 2009






Astrid ObermannAstrid cut

Architectural drawing in 2009






Simon BakkerSimon cut

Field archaeologist in 2009






Carsten SchmiederCarsten cut

Field archaeologist in 2010-2011





Astrid FendtAstrid F cut

Researcher on statues and statue-relocation in 2010-2011






Sebastian SchlickeSebastian cut

Field archaeologist in 2011






Iris RaviorIris cut

Field archaeologist in 2011






Marco DehnerMarco cut

Field archaeologist in 2013








III. The members of the TOPOI team (13)

Undine Lieberwirthundine cut 2

Subproject coordinater in 2011






Hans Peter ThammH. P. Cut

Aerial photography and 3-D-modelling on site in 2011






Bernhard FritschBernhard cut

3-D-modelling on site in 2011




Burkart UllrichBurchart ulrich

Geomagnetic prospections in 2011






Cornelius MeyerCornelius Meyer cut

Geomagnetic prospections in 2011






Julius BussilliatJulius cut

Field archaeologist and trench-master in MFW in 2011





Katharina HothKiki cut

Field archaeologist and trench-master in MFW in 2011





Katrin Charlotte KermasKatrin cut

Field archaeologist and trench-master in MFW in 2011






Juliane Bonneßjule cut 2

Field archaeologist in 2011






Lilli JanotteLilli cut

Field archaeologist in 2011






Helene SchuhHelene cut

Field archaeologist in 2011






Frauke SchmökelFrauke cut

Field archaeologist in 2011






Chris HauboldChris cut

Field archaeologist and trench-master in MFW in 2011








IV. The members of the German Aerospace team (DLR) and Illustrated Architecture (2)

Bernhard StrackenbrockCut Bernhard

3-D-laserscanning and -photography in 2010






Birgit TsuchyiaBirgit cut

3-D-laserscanning and -modelling in 2010