Funding so far

I. Financial support

Overall Funding:

– The Ostia-Forum-Project (OFP) is sponsored by the Stiftung-Humboldt-Universität (SHU) from 2016-2022 based on a private donation. For more details, see the website of the SHU.

– The Humboldt Ostia Forumproject from 2010-2014 was sponsored by Humboldt University, Berlin:

  • Team expenses and technical equipment from 2010-2012 were funded by Prof. Stefan G. Schmid (Winckelmann-Institut for Classical Archaeology, Humboldt University),
  • The campaigns 2013-2014 are completely funded by a grant of the Vice President of the Humboldt University, Prof. Peter Frensch,
  • The “Projektzentrum für digitale Dokumentationstechniken” is equally supported by the Vice President of the Humboldt University.

– The fieldwork and research of the project director from 2010-2012 was financed by the Gerda-Henkel-Stiftung, Cologne, Germany.

– The Berlin-Kent-Ostia Excavations (BKO 2008-2009) and Kent-Berlin-Ostia Excavations (KBO 2009-2011) were funded by a field school grant from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2009,

  • additional grants for team members from the Faculty of Arts at Kent-University, Canterbury for 2009 and 2010,
  • grants for german team members by Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD),
  • grants for german team members by Erasmus/ Sokrates-Program,
  • private donations for campaigns above 5.000€ (2008, 2010, 2011) by Caroline Lawrence, John Osborn, Anne Gering and John Beale.


Individual Funding:

– Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) (Katrin Janezcka, 2010)

– Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) (Travel expenses Michael Joyce, 2010)

– Excellence Cluster TOPOI, Berlin (Lehraufträge Axel Gering)

– Rodenwaldt-Stiftung (Bildbearbeitung)

– Stephan G. Schmid, Winckelmann-Institut (Birgit Tsuchyia: Laserscanning 2010)

– Stephan G. Schmid, Winckelmann-Instituts-etat (Werkauftrag Michael Joyce, 2010)

– Engineer Svend G. Fiedler and Wife’s Scholarship (Daniel Damgaard, 2012, 2013 and 2015)

– Christian and Emma Blinkenberg’s Travelling Scholarship (Daniel Damgaard, 2012 and 2013)

– Erasmus Stipendium, Aarhus University (Daniel Damgaard, 2012)

– Brewer Dr. Phil. Carl Jakobsen’s Memorial Scholarship at the Aarhus University (Daniel Damgaard, 2012)

– The Danish Association of Masters and PhDs, Travelling Scholarship (Daniel Damgaard, 2013)

– Elisabeth Munksgaard Foundation, the National Museum of Denmark (Daniel Damgaard, 2014)

… and many more donations of minor amounts for individual team members.


Company Funding:

– Context Travel, Rome

– Country Club Castelfusano, Ostia

– Itinera, Rome

– Garden Centre, Ostia

… and many more company-donations of minor amounts for the campaigns 2012-2013.


II. Material support

– German Archaeological Institute (DAI), Rome

– Scavi di Ostia, Soprintendenza di Ostia, since 2010: Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Roma

– The University of Kent, Canterbury

– Excellence Cluster TOPOI, Berlin

– German Aerospace (DLR), Berlin-Adlershof

– Humboldt-University, Berlin: Winckelmann-Institut, photographical laboratory: photo-equipment (Antonia Weisse)

– Humboldt-University, Berlin: Winckelmann-Institut, GPS and total station (Prof. Stephan G. Schmid)

… and many more.



This section will be continuously updated.