2021-2022 Campaigns: Deposit work, drawing and measuring and different deities

Due to the limited time frame of the Ostia Graduiertenkolleg (runs until February 2023), we decided to have campaigns in September-October 2021 and again in February-March 2022. This enabled us to intensively work on the material. This was only aided by the close corroboration with the Parco Archeologico di Ostia Antica, who made it possible for us to work inside the old location of the Caffeteria, which unfortunately is closed. The administration of the Park organised seeting facilities and access to power for us, which eased our work alot and helped us in the right direction.

The two campaigns were very similar in regards to deposit work, writing, drawing and measuring work, but also working outside in Ostia. Also during these two campaigns we did not conduct any excavations, since we are still deeply involved in the work with the material. Despite not conducting any excavation, we did discover a lot of interesting inscriptions on the ceramics, which was not visible before cleaning. This has led to new ideas regarding the sanctuary in TFR. Further interesting marble architecture did also appear after being able to puzzle several fragments together. This is why excavation always is twofold: excavation and the post-excavation work, where everything is being cleaned and analysed.

Due to this, the chapters for these two campaigns will again consist of the reports from the six ph.d. candidates of the Ostia Graduiertenkolleg.

Chapter 1. The Architecture of the Capitolium

Chapter 2. The recently discovered Sanctuary on the Forum of Ostia. Ceramics in Context: The Development of the Sacred Area from the Middle Republic to the Hadrianic Period

Chapter 3. Coins and Metals in Context

Chapter 4. A Newly Discovered Sanctuary Under the Forum of Ostia – Sacrifice, Feasts, and Ritual Deposits

Chapter 5. Building Decor on the Forum of Ostia

Chapter 6. The first fora of Ostia