Ostia-Forum-Project (OFP)

OSTIA 2013 Alles (198)

This project is a planned continuation of the Humboldt-Ostia-Forumproject (HOF). Our focus areas are the main political and administrative buildings in the west of the Forum, that means the portico MFD (see picture to the right), the ‘Curia’, the Forum’s Basilica, and the plaza in front of the Tempio Rotondo.

The actual Ostia-Forum-Project (OFP) is a continuation of the Berlin team’s activities in 2013 with its focus area being in the Forum and the adjoining buildings, like the round nymphaeum in the middle of the Forum (the so-called Mundus) and the portico in the south-west (MFD). Whereas HOF solely focused on the late antique stratigraphy and urbanization, OFP concentrates on different building phases of the city centre as well. This includes phases from Augustan times until the late repairs in the late 5th or 6th centuries. The building phases will be analysed diachronically by excavations and 3D-documentation. Based on a complete geophysical survey of the Forum conducted in 2011 and strategic sondages in 2012 and 2013, OFP aims to complete virtual reconstructions of all previous unknown phases.