Ways to support us

In this section, we propose different ways of how you can help and assist us in the continuation of our project. This regards possible material support with equipment of all kinds (from construction equipment to hightechnological equipment), sponsoring of travel and transport expenses and partial financial support of individuals or parts of the project, specific areas like food supply a.s.o. or general financial support of the whole campaign. In return, we can provide advertisement in media and publications, and several legal possibilities to write off taxes.

As an institute of research ranging from anthropology to archaeo-zoology, or from archaeometry to robotic and 3D scanners, you may find it interesting to join our existing cooperations, where it will be possible to work with and to prove and test new methods in one of the most interesting sites of the Roman world, Ostia!

For further information, contact the director or vice-director here.


For more details, especially rather un-orthodox ways of supporting, as for example ‘crowd-funding’, this page will be updated continously.