Habilitation project: Präventiver Erdbebenschutz und historische Reparaturen von Mauerwerk. Drei Fallstudien: Piccolo Mercato, Forumsthermen und Insula del Serapide e degli Aurighi (Ostia)

In this project, building techniques to prevent earthquake damage, the effects and collapses due to ancient and historical earthquakes are studied.

Even now, Ostia presents itself as an archaeological site damaged by earthquakes, where ancient construction techniques and in particular ancient preventive measures can be studied. The approach is also based on static and cinematic analysis of the ancient ruins in the attempt to read and identify the different collapses and solutions used in Late Antiquity.

In detail, one example of cinematic analysis: fig. 1a and 1b.

(Dr. Laura Pecchioli – Ing. G. Cangi)


Fig. 1a)



Fig. 1b)