Trenches in 3D

This section shows screenshots of laserscans and 3D-ortho-photographic pictures.

In 2011 after the de-vegetation, we found irregular robbing-pits and re-fill layers of former undocumented excavation-activities. According to our policy of minimal-invasive excavation-practice, we started to remove only the material of previously excavated areas. By removing fill from the 19th and 20th centuries, we had the chance to clean profiles, and were thus able to document the building-history of the portico MFP (see pictures below).

ekstra 2


Section through Forum plaza, MFP and CDT - Kopie m levels jpg

snapshot loch03 jpg

snapshot loch 212 jpg mit marbleslab

snapshot loch 210 jpg

snapshot loch 208 jpg

snapshot loch 206 jpg

snapshot loch 204 jpg

snapshot MFW Schnitt 203 jpg snapshot MFW Schnitt 201 jpg snapshot MFW Schnitt 205 jpg