Project Publications 2013

– Gering, Axel. 2013. ‘Mit oder ohne Alarich. Geballte Einsturzkatastrophen, Abriss und der letzte monumentale Wiederaufbau des Forums von Ostia im 5. Jh. n. Chr.’ In J. Lipps – C. Machado – Ph. v. Rummel (Eds.). The Sack of Rome in 410 AD. The Event, its Context and its Impact. Proceedings of the Conference held at the German Archaeological Institute at Rome 4.-6. November 2010, Palilia 28. Pp. 215-234.

– Gering, Axel. 2013. ‘Ruins, Rubbish dumps and encroachment: Resurveying Late Antique Ostia’. In: L. Lavan and M. Mulryan (Eds.). Fieldmethods and Post-Excavation Techniques in Late Antique Archaeology, LAA 9, 2012, Leiden. Pp. 249-288.