Presentation of three projects

Wednesday May 19 at 19.15 o’clock (ECST) local Berlin time, the Ostia Graduiertenkolleg (Graduate College) will have the first of two sessions.

This first session will concern ceramics and coins from the Forum from Republican to Late antique strata. For more information of the three projects, you can click here: Theme 2, Theme 3 and Theme 4.

Due to the pandemic, the session will be held online and you can get access through the following link at 19.00 o’clock:

Online Presentation

The Ostia Forum Project has been invited by the Hunter College of the City University of New York to hold a lecture on the project and its history since 2010. This will be held January 25 at 15:30 (Berlin) and 9:30 AM (New York, EST).

Due to the pandemic, the lecture is going to be held online via Zoom.

Happy New Year

Dear everybody,

The Ostia Forum Project would like to wish everybody a happy New Year with hopes for a better and normal 2021, where we hopefully can continue our work in the Forum of Ostia.

Stay safe and look out for each other!

Merry Christmas

The Ostia Forum Project would like to wish everybody a merry Christmas and a happy last day of Io Saturnalia!

On behalf of the entire group behind the Ostia Forum Project:
A very merry Christmas!