Virtual Reality

Monday January 24, 2022, we had an interesting workshop with our corporation partner, Jakob Korbel. He is part of our project, because he is reconstructing TFR 2 in its present form, but also in its Republican form until the Hadrianic period, where the area was part of a large sanctuary. All this is being done in virtual reality. Jakob visited us on site in October 2021, where we went through most of the details. We have since had a couple of meetings, where we provided Jakob with the newest results, and where he informed us about his process and his ideas behing the virtual space. This day, we were presented for the version in the making. We are all very excited about his work and the hitherto results.

The purpose of this virtual reality sub-project is to present our research in a different manner to the public. From April 1 until September 30 2022, the Ostia Forum Project is having an exhibition in the Tieranatomisches Theater in Berlin, where this virtual space is going to be available for guests. Along the virtual reality aspect of the exhibition, the exhibition will also include the projects from the Ostia Graduiertenkolleg as well as the focal areas of the Ostia Forum Project and its history.

Below you can see some photos from the day and maybe a little preview of the virtual space.

  • Introduction to the day
  • Jakob Korbel is preparing the VR glasses
  • Ph.d. candidate Trine Bak Pedersen is trying it for the first time
  • Employee Steven Götz is trying to scale a lion's head waterspout from the Temple of Roma and Augustus in a VR space
  • Part of the world, Steven Götz is experiencing

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