Back from Field campaign!

The university has started its winter-term and all the team-members are back from the field campaign 2014. This year we have documented a large pile of marble fragments in one of the rooms south of MFD with laser-scanners and the newest 3-D-camera-system used by the German Aerospace. Due to the high number of half-worked fragments and “exercise-pieces” we believe this could have been a rubbish dump of an artisans’ workshop nearby, probably the one we have found in the campaign 2013. A detailled quantitative and qualitative analysis of all marble pieces will be the focus for our next years campaign.  Many fragments come doubtless from the Roma- and Augustustemple, some of them are previously unknown, like parts of the pediment sculpture. Other fragments were parts of sculptures, statue-bases, sarcophagus, reliefs or architectural decoration of demolished buildings surrounding the south end of the Forum.  By the stratigraphical information we suppose it could have been a deposit with a TPQ of the middle of the 5th century AD. A new report will summarize our finds and their significance for reconstructing the final phases of Ostia soon!

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