Excavation & survey

Ostia 2012 kap II GRABUNG (88)

This section provides an overview of team-members. The main aim of this section is, however, to provide chapters of the different campaigns, thus inviting the reader into our thoughts and experiences during the weeks of excavation. Furthermore, we have created three theme-texts in the attempt to explain the significance of small finds, inscriptions and large finds.

The team

About the relevance: Some examples

Results of fieldwork 2010-2013

2014 Campaign: From a late marble pile to Augustan temple pediments

2015 Campaign: A view back & plans for the future!

2016 Campaign: From a late- and post-antique lime-kiln deposit to a Republican temple-kitchen

2017-2020 Campaigns: New sanctuary, marble decor and Forum development

2021-2022 Campaigns: Deposit work, drawing and measuring and different deities

Small finds and their significance


Large finds