Daniel Damgaard, Ph.d. student


Finds manager since 2012, vice-field director since 2014

Daniel is finds manager on site, supervisor of the Danish sub-team in 2013, and research assistant. He was born in Horsens, Denmark, and undertook his academic studies at the University of Aarhus. He finished his Masters degree in January 2014. During his Masters studies he participated in the Humboldt-Ostia-Forumproject (HOF) 2011-2014, where he was an intern in the autumn of 2012. He continues to work for the Ostia-Forum-Project (OFP), where he undertakes his doctoral studies and is working on an everyday basis with the Ostian Forum and the project’s logistics. His hitherto most significant contribution to the project is the typology of and work on Ostian marble roof tiles found in the late antique pavement (see Ostian Marble Roof tiles: a typology). His doctoral thesis is titled The Forum of Ostia: Architectural changes in a diachronic perspective with regards to the furnishing.