Forum overall in 3D

This section shows screenshots of laserscans and 3D-ortho-photographic pictures.

Due to aerial-photography by the octocopter, it was possible to create a 3D-model of the entire Forum-area. The measurements of this 3D-model are sufficiently exact to insert detailed 3D-models taken from the ground. At the same time, laserscans of the entire Forum-area were taken. These models will be geo-referenciated by the new measure-points of the Sopraintendenza, which have been available since 2011.


Titelbild Das Untersuchungsareal scharf

Forum 8

Forum 6

Forum 4

Forum 3

Section through Forum plaza, MFP and CDT - Kopie m levels jpg

Taf 20 4

Taf 20 2

snapshot01 jpg

Abb 2 klein